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Landing Page

about project

The purpose of the pre launching page is to spread awareness among the people regarding blockchain intelligence portal. The main focus of this page is to capture the user information via sign-up form and save the information for creating the respective profile when the main product will be launched in the market.

our approach

The approach to design a pre-launch landing page was designed keeping in mind to get maximum sign-up as possible. The Call to action was designed in a way that was very eye-catching and brightening.


Every next section was designed to give some valuable information and hence we used Law Of Common Region precisely to differentiate sections.

the details.


The Contrast Ratio for the Button is 5.33:1 (AAA)

The Contrast Ratio for the Button is 9.78:1 (AAA)


This Project came to us with an SOW, which specifies the expectations and desired outcomes, and it was just to educate the people more about the blockchain technology around which the actual product is being developed for which the user can sign up according to their needs and future requirements.

This project involved a visual designer who understand the requirements and designed the whole landing page in the minimum time frame.

The Whole project engagement is for several months as we are brainstorming & working on the actual product behind this prepossessing landing page.


This section was designed to get relevant information regarding blockchain technology and to get subscribers for further insights that may include articles and videos around blockchain technology, its uses, and current applications.


One of the important sections, which is responsible to get early access sign-ups according to the user needs, and also getting subscribers for the latest updates regarding products, insights, or any other relevant pieces of information.