Web Apps


web-based online meeting scheduler


MeetX a web-based platform that makes professional meetings more
effective and efficient, by enabling organizers, presenters, and participants to do
more productive meetings.

user research

  1. 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work.
    2. 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.
    3. 64% said meetings come at the expense of deep thinking.
    4. 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together.


Source: https://hbr.org/2017/07/stop-the-meeting-madness

effective solution

Creating a platform that is very easy to use and give capability to the user to schedule as well as track the meetings, agendas, To-Do lists and should also be able to check the effectiveness of the meeting in terms of time, efforts and team participation.


1. Meeting details: This shall include meeting title, duration, attendees, information, etc.
2. Agenda: Here the user would be able to view/write/read/edit agenda, for eg. what is/was the agenda, who is presenting, etc.
3. Minutes: Here the user would be able to view/write/read/edit minutes of the meeting, for eg. what was discussed, what were the next steps, etc.
4. Acton items/To-do: Here the user would be able to view/write/read/edit the action items/to-dos for the meeting, for eg. who needs to do what, by when, etc.

to-do management

  1. This section will be pre-filled basis the action discussed in the meeting to define each employee’s task.

2. In addition to showing the relevant to-do’s, this section will also show the of the task. This will be shown against every meeting

3. The user/organiser would be able to update the status of all the tasks.

other flows

This include onboarding, create meeting and other important flows of the MeetX.