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what did we do?

User Research, Brainstorming Ideas, UI design Built the product from zero


The warehouse manager and Production manager Will Get Online Solutions (Underdevelopment), Which will Directly Increase Their Productivity.


40% of our app users are not tech-savvy

Warehouse Workers, Production Workers, Managers, Delivery managers, and Installers are Some of our App users. 

Warehouse managers work in warehouses where they supervise the receipt, dispatching, and storage of goods. Warehouse managers manage warehouse staff, vehicles and other equipment, and oversee security, sanitation, and administrative functions.

Warehouse Manager tasks are to manage The Inwards process of Items And To allot Them a Specific Bin And Lot. One Of their Task Also Consist Of Manage Hardware stocks.

Production managers ensure that manufacturing processes run reliably and efficiently. They Also manage The Print Stocks of inventory.  

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purchase order process

Warehouse manager, who is responsible to manage to receive items, manage and transfer inventory and work orders.

From Scanning the purchase order to allotment of location, bin, and lots, the warehouse manager and workers do all these jobs. 

The warehouse manager in this case also manages the hardware work orders.  

We Designed the process of scanning and the list with statuses of purchase orders, which will not only help them to identify the line item but also to change their statutes accordingly. 

The Workers can see the analytics before updating the purchase order. 

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production management process

The production manager has a sole responsibility to manage the statuses of each line item. 

They Are Allowed to edit the quantity on some line items depending on their statuses 


our biggest challange

Being an International visual engagement company. They Usually Get an order which might consist of even 500+ line items and managing each line item individually on a mobile app and changing their statuses was not fun, we thought of scanning the work order rather than line item which automatically group the line items in statuses from where the manager/workers can easily select the line items and their quantity and can easily change the status. 

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pickup, deliver & installation process

The responsibilities of the installers consist of picking up the stocks, delivering it and installing it. They have to actually enter the quantity of every single item they are picking up and delivering and have to capture the images after installation,

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